Big Data Analytics Applying the Fusion Approach of Multicriteria Decision Making with Deep Learning Algorithms

Swarajya Lakshmi V Papineni, Snigdha Yarlagadda, Harita Akkineni, A. Mallikarjuna Reddy

Data is evolving with the rapid progress of population and communication for various types of devices such as networks, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), actuators, and sensors. The increment of data and communication content goes with the equivalence of velocity, speed, size, and value to provide the useful and meaningful knowledge that helps to solve the future challenging tasks and latest issues. Besides, multicriteria based decision making is one of the key issues to solve for various issues related to the alternative effects in big data analysis. It tends to find a solution based on the latest machine learning techniques that include algorithms like decision making and deep learning mechanism based on multicriteria in providing insights to big data. On the other hand, the derivations are made for it to go with the approximations to increase the duality of runtime and improve the entire system's potentiality and efficacy. In essence, several fields, including business, agriculture, information technology, and computer science, use deep learning and multicriteria-based decision-making problems. This paper aims to provide various applications that involve the concepts of deep learning techniques and exploiting the multicriteria approaches for issues that are facing in big data analytics by proposing new studies with the fusion approaches of data-driven techniques.

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