Deep Learning for Short-Term Voltage Stability Assessment of Power Systems

Meng Zhang, Jiazheng Li, Yang Li, Runnan Xu

To fully learn the latent temporal dependencies from post-disturbance system dynamic trajectories, deep learning is utilized for short-term voltage stability (STVS) assessment of power systems in this paper. First of all, a semi-supervised cluster algorithm is performed to obtain class labels of STVS instances due to the unavailability of reliable quantitative criteria. Secondly, a long short-term memory (LSTM) based assessment model is built through learning the time dependencies from the post-disturbance system dynamics. Finally, the trained assessment model is employed to determine the systems stability status in real time. The test results on the IEEE 39-bus system suggest that the proposed approach manages to assess the stability status of the system accurately and timely. Furthermore, the superiority of the proposed method over traditional shallow learning-based assessment methods has also been proved.

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