Spell Correction for Azerbaijani Language using Deep Neural Networks

Ahmad Ahmadzade, Saber Malekzadeh

Spell correction is used to detect and correct orthographic mistakes in texts. Most of the time, traditional dictionary lookup with string similarity methods is suitable for the languages that have a less complex structure such as the English language. However, the Azerbaijani language has a more complex structure and due to its morphological structure, the derivation of words is plenty that several words are derived from adding suffices, affixes to the words. Therefore, in this paper sequence to sequence model with an attention mechanism is used to develop spelling correction for Azerbaijani. Total 12000 wrong and correct sentence pairs used for training, and the model is tested on 1000 real-world misspelled words and F1-score results are 75% for distance 0, 90% for distance 1, and 96% for distance 2.

Knowledge Graph



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