GAN Vocoder: Multi-Resolution Discriminator Is All You Need

Jaeseong You, Dalhyun Kim, Gyuhyeon Nam, Geumbyeol Hwang, Gyeongsu Chae

Several of the latest GAN-based vocoders show remarkable achievements, outperforming autoregressive and flow-based competitors in both qualitative and quantitative measures while synthesizing orders of magnitude faster. In this work, we hypothesize that the common factor underlying their success is the multi-resolution discriminating framework, not the minute details in architecture, loss function, or training strategy. We experimentally test the hypothesis by evaluating six different generators paired with one shared multi-resolution discriminating framework. For all evaluative measures with respect to text-to-speech syntheses and for all perceptual metrics, their performances are not distinguishable from one another, which supports our hypothesis.

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