Low-level cognitive skill transfer between two individuals' minds via computer game-based framework

Ahmet Orun

The novel technique introduced here aims to accomplish the first stage of transferring low-level cognitive skills between two individuals (e.g. from expert to learner) to ease the consecutive higher level declarative learning process for the target "learner" individual in a game environment. Such low-level cognitive skill is associated with the procedural knowledge and established at low-level of mind which can be unveiled and transferred by only a novel technique (rather than by a traditional educational environment ) like a highly interactive computer game domain in which a user exposes his/her unconscious mind behaviors via the game-hero non-deliberately during the game sessions. The cognitive data exposed by the game-hero would be recorded, and then be modelled by the artificial intelligence technique like Bayesian networks for an early stage of cognitive skill transfer and the cognitive stimuli are also generated to be used as game agents to train the learner.

Knowledge Graph



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