Optimized Object Tracking Technique Using Kalman Filter

Liana Ellen Taylor, Midriem Mirdanies, Roni Permana Saputra

This paper focused on the design of an optimized object tracking technique which would minimize the processing time required in the object detection process while maintaining accuracy in detecting the desired moving object in a cluttered scene. A Kalman filter based cropped image is used for the image detection process as the processing time is significantly less to detect the object when a search window is used that is smaller than the entire video frame. This technique was tested with various sizes of the window in the cropping process. MATLAB was used to design and test the proposed method. This paper found that using a cropped image with 2.16 multiplied by the largest dimension of the object resulted in significantly faster processing time while still providing a high success rate of detection and a detected center of the object that was reasonably close to the actual center.

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