One-Sided $k$-Orthogonal Matrices Over Finite Semi-Local Rings And Their Codes

Virgilio P. Sison, Charles R. Repizo

Let $R$ be a finite commutative ring with unity $1_R$ and $k \in R$. Properties of one-sided $k$-orthogonal $n \times n$ matrices over $R$ are presented. When $k$ is idempotent, these matrices form a semigroup structure. Consequently new families of matrix semigroups over certain finite semi-local rings are constructed. When $k=1_R$, the classical orthogonal group of degree $n$ is obtained. It is proved that, if $R$ is a semi-local ring, then these semigroups are isomorphic to a finite product of $k$-orthogonal semigroups over fields. Finally, the antiorthogonal and self-orthogonal matrices that give rise to leading-systematic self-dual or weakly self-dual linear codes are discussed.

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