Automatic Borescope Damage Assessments for Gas Turbine Blades via Deep Learning

Chun Yui Wong, Pranay Seshadri, Geoffrey T. Parks

To maximise fuel economy, bladed components in aero-engines operate close to material limits. The severe operating environment leads to in-service damage on compressor and turbine blades, having a profound and immediate impact on the performance of the engine. Current methods of blade visual inspection are mainly based on borescope imaging. During these inspections, the sentencing of components under inspection requires significant manual effort, with a lack of systematic approaches to avoid human biases. To perform fast and accurate sentencing, we propose an automatic workflow based on deep learning for detecting damage present on rotor blades using borescope videos. Building upon state-of-the-art methods from computer vision, we show that damage statistics can be presented for each blade in a blade row separately, and demonstrate the workflow on two borescope videos.

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