Learning Organization using Conversational Social Network for Social Customer Relationship Management Effort

Andry Alamsyah, Yahya Peranginangin, Gabriel Nurhadi

The challenge of each organization is how they adapt to the shift of more complex technology such as mobile, big data, interconnected world, and the Internet of things. In order to achieve their objective, they must understand how to take advantage of the interconnected individuals inside and outside the organization. Learning organization continues to transform by listening and maintain the connection with their counterparts. Customer relationship management is an important source for business organizations to grow and to assure their future. The complex social network, where interconnected peoples get information and get influenced very quickly, certainly a big challenge for business organizations. The combination of these complex technologies provides intriguing insight such as the capabilities to listen to what the markets want, to understand their market competition, and to understand their market segmentation. In this paper, as a part of organization transformation, we show how a business organization mine online conversational in Twitter related to their brand issue and analyze them in the context of customer relationship management to extract several insights regarding their market.

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