A convergence framework for optimal transport on the sphere

Brittany Froese Hamfeldt, Axel G. R. Turnquist

We consider a PDE approach to numerically solving the optimal transportation problem on the sphere. We focus on both the traditional squared geodesic cost and a logarithmic cost, which arises in the reflector antenna design problem. At each point on the sphere, we replace the surface PDE with a generalized Monge-Amp\`ere type equation posed on the tangent plane using normal coordinates. The resulting nonlinear PDE can then be approximated by any consistent, monotone scheme for generalized Monge-Amp\`ere type equations on the plane. By augmenting this discretization with an additional term that constrains the solution gradient, we obtain a strong form of stability. A modification of the Barles-Souganidis convergence framework then establishes convergence to the mean-zero solution of the original PDE.

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