Equi-Joins Over Encrypted Data for Series of Queries

Masoumeh Shafieinejad, Suraj Gupta, Jin Yang Liu, Koray Karabina, Florian Kerschbaum

Encryption provides a method to protect data outsourced to a DBMS provider, e.g., in the cloud. However, performing database operations over encrypted data requires specialized encryption schemes that carefully balance security and performance. In this paper, we present a new encryption scheme that can efficiently perform equi-joins over encrypted data with better security than the state-of-the-art. In particular, our encryption scheme reduces the leakage to equality of rows that match a selection criterion and only reveals the transitive closure of the sum of the leakages of each query in a series of queries. Our encryption scheme is provable secure. We implemented our encryption scheme and evaluated it over a dataset from the TPC-H benchmark.

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