HyperCI: A higher order collective influence measure for hypernetwork dismantling

Dengcheng Yan, Zijian Wu, Yiwen Zhang

Network dismantling aims to scratch the network into unconnected fragments by removing an optimal set of nodes and has been widely adopted in many real-world applications such as epidemic control and rumor containment. However, conventional methods often disassemble the system from the perspective of classic networks, which have only pairwise interactions, and often ignored the more ubiquitous and nature group-wise interactions modeled by hypernetwork. Moreover, a simple network can't describe the collective behavior of multiple objects, it is necessary to solve related problems through hypernetwork dismantling. In this work, we designed a higher order collective influence measure to identify key node sets in hypernetwork. It comprehensively consider the environment in which the target node is located and its own characteristics to determine the importance of the node, so as to dismantle the hypernetwork by removing these selected nodes. Finally, we used the method to carry out a series of real-world hypernetwork dismantling tasks. Experimental results on five real-world hypernetworks demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed measure.

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