SDN Controller Load Balancing Based on Reinforcement Learning

Zhuo Li, Xu Zhou, Junruo Gao, Yifang Qin

Aiming at the local overload of multi-controller deployment in software-defined networks, a load balancing mechanism of SDN controller based on reinforcement learning is designed. The initial paired migrate-out domain and migrate-in domain are obtained by calculating the load ratio deviation between the controllers, a preliminary migration triplet, contains migration domain mentioned above and a group of switches which are subordinated to the migrate-out domain, makes the migration efficiency reach the local optimum. Under the constraint of the best efficiency of migration in the whole and without migration conflict, selecting multiple sets of triples based on reinforcement learning, as the final migration of this round to attain the global optimal controller load balancing with minimum cost. The experimental results illustrate that the mechanism can make full use of the controllers' resources, quickly balance the load between controllers, reduce unnecessary migration overhead and get a faster response rate of the packet-in request.

Knowledge Graph



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