Using an Expert Panel to Validate the Malaysian SMEs-Software Process Improvement Model (MSME-SPI)

Malek Almomani, Shuib Basri, Omar Almomani, Luiz Fernando Capretz, Abdullateef Balogun, Moath Husni, Abdul Rehman Gilal

This paper presents the components of a newly developed Malaysian SMEs - Software Process Improvement model (MSME-SPI) that can assess SMEs soft-ware development industry in managing and improving their software processes capability. The MSME-SPI is developed in response to practitioner needs that were highlighted in an empirical study with the Malaysian SME software development industry. After the model development, there is a need for independent feedback to show that the model meets its objectives. Consequently, the validation phase is performed by involving a group of software process improvement experts in examining the MSME-SPI model components. Besides, the effectiveness of the MSME-SPI model is validated using an expert panel. Three criteria were used to evaluate the effectiveness of the model namely: usefulness, verifiability, and structure. The results show the model effective to be used by SMEs with minor modifications. The validation phase contributes towards a better understanding and use of the MSME-SPI model by the practitioners in the field.

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