CiRA: A Tool for the Automatic Detection of Causal Relationships in Requirements Artifacts

Jannik Fischbach, Julian Frattini, Andreas Vogelsang

Requirements often specify the expected system behavior by using causal relations (e.g., If A, then B). Automatically extracting these relations supports, among others, two prominent RE use cases: automatic test case derivation and dependency detection between requirements. However, existing tools fail to extract causality from natural language with reasonable performance. In this paper, we present our tool CiRA (Causality detection in Requirements Artifacts), which represents a first step towards automatic causality extraction from requirements. We evaluate CiRA on a publicly available data set of 61 acceptance criteria (causal: 32; non-causal: 29) describing the functionality of the German Corona-Warn-App. We achieve a macro F_1 score of 83%, which corroborates the feasibility of our approach.

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