On Medical Device Software CE Compliance and Conformity Assessment

Tuomas Granlund, Tommi Mikkonen, Vlad Stirbu

Manufacturing of medical devices is strictly controlled by authorities, and manufacturers must conform to the regulatory requirements of the region in which a medical device is being marketed for use. In general, these requirements make no difference between the physical device, embedded software running inside a physical device, or software that constitutes the device in itself. As a result, standalone software with intended medical use is considered to be a medical device. Consequently, its development must meet the same requirements as the physical medical device manufacturing. This practice creates a unique challenge for organizations developing medical software. In this paper, we pinpoint a number of regulatory requirement mismatches between physical medical devices and standalone medical device software. The view is based on experiences from industry, from the development of all-software medical devices as well as from defining the manufacturing process so that it meets the regulatory requirements.

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