Empowering Visual Internet-of-Things Mashups with Self-Healing Capabilities

João Pedro Dias, André Restivo, Hugo Sereno Ferreira

Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems have spread among different application domains, from home automation to industrial manufacturing processes. The rushed development by competing vendors to meet the market demand of IoT solutions, the lack of interoperability standards, and the overall lack of a defined set of best practices have resulted in a highly complex, heterogeneous, and frangible ecosystem. Several works have been pushing towards visual programming solutions to abstract the underlying complexity and help humans reason about it. As these solutions begin to meet widespread adoption, their building blocks usually do not consider reliability issues. Node-RED, being one of the most popular tools, also lacks such mechanisms, either built-in or via extensions. In this work we present SHEN (Self-Healing Extensions for Node-RED) which provides 17 nodes that collectively enable the implementation of self-healing strategies within this visual framework. We proceed to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the approach using real devices and fault injection techniques.

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