SCEI: A Smart-Contract Driven Edge Intelligence Framework for IoT Systems

Chenhao Xu, Yong Li, Yao Deng, Jiaqi Ge, Longxiang Gao, Mengshi Zhang, Yong Xiang, Xi Zheng

Federated learning (FL) utilizes edge computing devices to collaboratively train a shared model while each device can fully control its local data access. Generally, FL techniques focus on learning model on independent and identically distributed (iid) dataset and cannot achieve satisfiable performance on non-iid datasets (e.g. learning a multi-class classifier but each client only has a single class dataset). Some personalized approaches have been proposed to mitigate non-iid issues. However, such approaches cannot handle underlying data distribution shift, namely data distribution skew, which is quite common in real scenarios (e.g. recommendation systems learn user behaviors which change over time). In this work, we provide a solution to the challenge by leveraging smart-contract with federated learning to build optimized, personalized deep learning models. Specifically, our approach utilizes smart contract to reach consensus among distributed trainers on the optimal weights of personalized models. We conduct experiments across multiple models (CNN and MLP) and multiple datasets (MNIST and CIFAR-10). The experimental results demonstrate that our personalized learning models can achieve better accuracy and faster convergence compared to classic federated and personalized learning. Compared with the model given by baseline FedAvg algorithm, the average accuracy of our personalized learning models is improved by 2% to 20%, and the convergence rate is about 2$\times$ faster. Moreover, we also illustrate that our approach is secure against recent attack on distributed learning.

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