Dynamic Scale Training for Object Detection

Yukang Chen, Peizhen Zhang, Zeming Li, Yanwei Li, Xiangyu Zhang, Lu Qi, Jian Sun, Jiaya Jia

We propose a Dynamic Scale Training paradigm (abbreviated as DST) to mitigate scale variation challenge in object detection. Previous strategies like image pyramid, multi-scale training, and their variants are aiming at preparing scale-invariant data for model optimization. However, the preparation procedure is unaware of the following optimization process that restricts their capability in handling the scale variation. Instead, in our paradigm, we use feedback information from the optimization process to dynamically guide the data preparation. The proposed method is surprisingly simple yet obtains significant gains (2%+ Average Precision on MS COCO dataset), outperforming previous methods. Experimental results demonstrate the efficacy of our proposed DST method towards scale variation handling. It could also generalize to various backbones, benchmarks, and other challenging downstream tasks like instance segmentation. It does not introduce inference overhead and could serve as a free lunch for general detection configurations. Besides, it also facilitates efficient training due to fast convergence. Code and models are available at github.com/yukang2017/Stitcher.

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