An Identity-based Batch Verification Scheme for VANETs Based on Ring Signature with Efficient Revocation

Feng Liu, Qi Wang

Vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) are one of the most important components in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), which aims to provide secure and efficient communication between vehicles. Safety-critical vehicular communication requires security, privacy, and auditability. To satisfy these requirements simultaneously, several conditional privacy-preserving authentication schemes are proposed by employing ring signatures. However, these methods have paid little attention to the issues like how to choose the valid ring members or how to set up a ring. In this paper, we introduce an efficient conditional privacy-preserving scheme which provides an appropriate approach establishing the list of ring members with efficient revocation. Moreover, our proposed scheme also provides batch verification to significantly reduce the computational cost. According to the analysis of security, our scheme is sufficiently resistant against several common attacks in VANETs. The performance results show that the proposed scheme is efficient and practical with both low computation and communication cost.

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