Towards Learning Food Portion From Monocular Images With Cross-Domain Feature Adaptation

Zeman Shao, Shaobo Fang, Runyu Mao, Jiangpeng He, Janine Wright, Deborah Kerr, Carol Jo Boushey, Fengqing Zhu

We aim to estimate food portion size, a property that is strongly related to the presence of food object in 3D space, from single monocular images under real life setting. Specifically, we are interested in end-to-end estimation of food portion size, which has great potential in the field of personal health management. Unlike image segmentation or object recognition where annotation can be obtained through large scale crowd sourcing, it is much more challenging to collect datasets for portion size estimation since human cannot accurately estimate the size of an object in an arbitrary 2D image without expert knowledge. To address such challenge, we introduce a real life food image dataset collected from a nutrition study where the groundtruth food energy (calorie) is provided by registered dietitians, and will be made available to the research community. We propose a deep regression process for portion size estimation by combining features estimated from both RGB and learned energy distribution domains. Our estimates of food energy achieved state-of-the-art with a MAPE of 11.47%, significantly outperforms non-expert human estimates by 27.56%.

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