The Description of Information in 4-Dimensional Pseudo-Euclidean Information Space

O. I. Shro

This article is presented new method of description information systems in abstract 4-dimensional pseudo-Euclidean information space (4-DPIES) with using special relativity (SR) methods. This purpose core postulates of existence 4-DPIES are formulated. The theorem setting existence criteria of the invariant velocity of the information transference is formulated and proved. One more theorem allowed relating discrete parameters of information and continuous space-time treating and also row of supplementary theorems is formulated and proved. For description of dynamics and interaction of information, in article is introduced general parameter of information - generalized information emotion (GIE), reminding simultaneously on properties the mass and the charge. At performing calculation of information observable parameters in the information space is introduced continual integration methods of Feynman. The applying idea about existence of GIE as measures of the information inertness and the interaction carrier, and using continual integration methods of Feynman can be calculated probability of information process in 4-DPIES. In this frame presented approach has allowed considering information systems when interest is presented with information processes, their related with concrete definition without necessity. The relation between 4-DPIES and real systems parameters is set at modelling of matching between observable processes and real phenomena from information interpretation.

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