Frequency-aware Discriminative Feature Learning Supervised by Single-Center Loss for Face Forgery Detection

Jiaming Li, Hongtao Xie, Jiahong Li, Zhongyuan Wang, Yongdong Zhang

Face forgery detection is raising ever-increasing interest in computer vision since facial manipulation technologies cause serious worries. Though recent works have reached sound achievements, there are still unignorable problems: a) learned features supervised by softmax loss are separable but not discriminative enough, since softmax loss does not explicitly encourage intra-class compactness and interclass separability; and b) fixed filter banks and hand-crafted features are insufficient to capture forgery patterns of frequency from diverse inputs. To compensate for such limitations, a novel frequency-aware discriminative feature learning framework is proposed in this paper. Specifically, we design a novel single-center loss (SCL) that only compresses intra-class variations of natural faces while boosting inter-class differences in the embedding space. In such a case, the network can learn more discriminative features with less optimization difficulty. Besides, an adaptive frequency feature generation module is developed to mine frequency clues in a completely data-driven fashion. With the above two modules, the whole framework can learn more discriminative features in an end-to-end manner. Extensive experiments demonstrate the effectiveness and superiority of our framework on three versions of the FF++ dataset.

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