Deep Learning for Chest X-ray Analysis: A Survey

Ecem Sogancioglu, Erdi Çallı, Bram van Ginneken, Kicky G. van Leeuwen, Keelin Murphy

Recent advances in deep learning have led to a promising performance in many medical image analysis tasks. As the most commonly performed radiological exam, chest radiographs are a particularly important modality for which a variety of applications have been researched. The release of multiple, large, publicly available chest X-ray datasets in recent years has encouraged research interest and boosted the number of publications. In this paper, we review all studies using deep learning on chest radiographs, categorizing works by task: image-level prediction (classification and regression), segmentation, localization, image generation and domain adaptation. Commercially available applications are detailed, and a comprehensive discussion of the current state of the art and potential future directions are provided.

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