Current Trends and Applications of Dempster-Shafer Theory (Review)

V. K. Ivanov, N . V. Vinogradova, B. V. Palyukh, A. N. Sotnikov

The article provides a review of the publications on the current trends and developments in Dempster-Shafer theory and its different applications in science, engineering, and technologies. The review took account of the following provisions with a focus on some specific aspects of the theory. Firstly, the article considers the research directions whose results are known not only in scientific and academic community but understood by a wide circle of potential designers and developers of advanced engineering solutions and technologies. Secondly, the article shows the theory applications in some important areas of human activity such as manufacturing systems, diagnostics of technological processes, materials and products, building and construction, product quality control, economic and social systems. The particular attention is paid to the current state of research in the domains under consideration and, thus, the papers published, as a rule, in recent years and presenting the achievements of modern research on Dempster-Shafer theory and its application are selected and analyzed.

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