Data-Driven Predictive Control for Linear Parameter-Varying Systems

Chris Verhoek, Hossam S. Abbas, Roland Tóth, Sofie Haesaert

Based on the extension of the behavioral theory and the Fundamental Lemma for Linear Parameter-Varying (LPV) systems, this paper introduces a Data-driven Predictive Control (DPC) scheme capable to ensure reference tracking and satisfaction of Input-Output (I/O) constraints for an unknown system under the conditions that (i) the system can be represented in an LPV form and (ii) an informative data-set containing measured I/O and scheduling trajectories of the system is available. It is shown that if the data set satisfies a persistence of excitation condition, then a data-driven LPV predictor of future trajectories of the system can be constructed from the I/O data set and online measured data. The approach represents the first step towards a DPC solution for nonlinear and time-varying systems due to the potential of the LPV framework to represent them. Two illustrative examples, including reference tracking control of a nonlinear system, are provided to demonstrate that the LPV-DPC scheme, purely based on data, achieves similar performance as LPV model-based predictive control.

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