Free-form Description Guided 3D Visual Graph Network for Object Grounding in Point Cloud

Mingtao Feng, Zhen Li, Qi Li, Liang Zhang, Xiangdong Zhang, Guangming Zhu, Hui Zhang, Yaonan Wang, Ajmal Mian

3D object grounding aims to locate the most relevant target object in a raw point cloud scene based on a free-form language description. Understanding complex and diverse descriptions, and lifting them directly to a point cloud is a new and challenging topic due to the irregular and sparse nature of point clouds. There are three main challenges in 3D object grounding: to find the main focus in the complex and diverse description; to understand the point cloud scene; and to locate the target object. In this paper, we address all three challenges. Firstly, we propose a language scene graph module to capture the rich structure and long-distance phrase correlations. Secondly, we introduce a multi-level 3D proposal relation graph module to extract the object-object and object-scene co-occurrence relationships, and strengthen the visual features of the initial proposals. Lastly, we develop a description guided 3D visual graph module to encode global contexts of phrases and proposals by a nodes matching strategy. Extensive experiments on challenging benchmark datasets (ScanRefer and Nr3D) show that our algorithm outperforms existing state-of-the-art. Our code is available at

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