Residential smart plug with bluetooth communication

Thales Ruano Barros de Souza, Gabriel Goes Rodrigues, Luan da Silva Serrao, Renata do Nascimento Mota Macambira, Celso Barbosa Carvalho

Electricity forms the backbone of the modern world but increasing energy demand with the growth of urban areas in recent decades has overwhelmed the current power grid ecosystem. So, there is a need to move towards a more efficient and interconnected smart grid infrastructure. The growing popularity of the Internet of Things(IoT) has increased the demand for smart and connected devices. In this work we developed a hardware device based on the ATmega2560 microcontroller that can estimate the power consumption and control the state of electro-electronic devices interconnected to it through Bluetooth wireless technology. The developed hardware is a smart plug focusing on smart home applications. As a result, by using a smartphone device with Bluetooth communication, one can control and measure electrical parameters of the interconnected electro-electronic hardware such as the RMS (Root Mean Square) current and RMS power been consumed. The obtained results showed the technical viability in the construction of energy consumption measuring device using modules and components available in the Brazilian market.

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