Synch: A framework for concurrent data-structures and benchmarks

Nikolaos D. Kallimanis

The recent advancements in multicore machines highlight the need to simplify concurrent programming in order to leverage their computational power. One way to achieve this is by designing efficient concurrent data structures (e.g. stacks, queues, hash-tables, etc.) and synchronization techniques (e.g. locks, combining techniques, etc.) that perform well in machines with large amounts of cores. In contrast to ordinary, sequential data-structures, the concurrent data-structures allow multiple threads to simultaneously access and/or modify them. Synch is an open-source framework that not only provides some common high-performant concurrent data-structures, but it also provides researchers with the tools for designing and benchmarking high performant concurrent data-structures. The Synch framework contains a substantial set of concurrent data-structures such as queues, stacks, combining-objects, hash-tables, locks, etc. and it provides a user-friendly runtime for developing and benchmarking concurrent data-structures. Among other features, the provided runtime provides functionality for creating threads easily (both POSIX and user-level threads), tools for measuring performance, etc. Moreover, the provided concurrent data-structures and the runtime are highly optimized for contemporary NUMA multiprocessors such as AMD Epyc and Intel Xeon.

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