Automating Defense Against Adversarial Attacks: Discovery of Vulnerabilities and Application of Multi-INT Imagery to Protect Deployed Models

Josh Kalin, David Noever, Matthew Ciolino, Dominick Hambrick, Gerry Dozier

Image classification is a common step in image recognition for machine learning in overhead applications. When applying popular model architectures like MobileNetV2, known vulnerabilities expose the model to counter-attacks, either mislabeling a known class or altering box location. This work proposes an automated approach to defend these models. We evaluate the use of multi-spectral image arrays and ensemble learners to combat adversarial attacks. The original contribution demonstrates the attack, proposes a remedy, and automates some key outcomes for protecting the model's predictions against adversaries. In rough analogy to defending cyber-networks, we combine techniques from both offensive ("red team") and defensive ("blue team") approaches, thus generating a hybrid protective outcome ("green team"). For machine learning, we demonstrate these methods with 3-color channels plus infrared for vehicles. The outcome uncovers vulnerabilities and corrects them with supplemental data inputs commonly found in overhead cases particularly.

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