E-GraphSAGE: A Graph Neural Network based Intrusion Detection System

Wai Weng Lo, Siamak Layeghy, Mohanad Sarhan, Marcus Gallagher, Marius Portmann

This paper presents a new network intrusion detection system (NIDS) based on Graph Neural Networks (GNNs). GNNs are a relatively new sub-field of deep neural networks, which have the unique ability to leverage the inherent structure of graph-based data. Training and evaluation data for NIDSs are typically represented as flow records, which can naturally be represented in a graph format. This establishes the potential and motivation for exploring GNNs for the purpose of network intrusion detection, which is the focus of this paper. E-GraphSAGE, our proposed new approach is based on the established GraphSAGE model, but provides the necessary modifications in order to support edge features for edge classification, and hence the classification of network flows into benign and attack classes. An extensive experimental evaluation based on six recent NIDS benchmark datasets shows the excellent performance of our E-GraphSAGE based NIDS in comparison with the state-of-the-art.

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