Saddle Point Optimization with Approximate Minimization Oracle

Youhei Akimoto

A major approach to saddle point optimization $\min_x\max_y f(x, y)$ is a gradient based approach as is popularized by generative adversarial networks (GANs). In contrast, we analyze an alternative approach relying only on an oracle that solves a minimization problem approximately. Our approach locates approximate solutions $x'$ and $y'$ to $\min_{x'}f(x', y)$ and $\max_{y'}f(x, y')$ at a given point $(x, y)$ and updates $(x, y)$ toward these approximate solutions $(x', y')$ with a learning rate $\eta$. On locally strong convex--concave smooth functions, we derive conditions on $\eta$ to exhibit linear convergence to a local saddle point, which reveals a possible shortcoming of recently developed robust adversarial reinforcement learning algorithms. We develop a heuristic approach to adapt $\eta$ derivative-free and implement zero-order and first-order minimization algorithms. Numerical experiments are conducted to show the tightness of the theoretical results as well as the usefulness of the $\eta$ adaptation mechanism.

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