Deep Image Harmonization by Bridging the Reality Gap

Wenyan Cong, Junyan Cao, Li Niu, Jianfu Zhang, Xuesong Gao, Zhiwei Tang, Liqing Zhang

Image harmonization has been significantly advanced with large-scale harmonization dataset. However, the current way to build dataset is still labor-intensive, which adversely affects the extendability of dataset. To address this problem, we propose to construct a large-scale rendered harmonization dataset RHHarmony with fewer human efforts to augment the existing real-world dataset. To leverage both real-world images and rendered images, we propose a cross-domain harmonization network CharmNet to bridge the domain gap between two domains. Moreover, we also employ well-designed style classifiers and losses to facilitate cross-domain knowledge transfer. Extensive experiments demonstrate the potential of using rendered images for image harmonization and the effectiveness of our proposed network. Our dataset and code are available at

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