Scheduling Applications on Containers Based on Dependency of The Applications

Abdullah Alelyani, Ghulam Mubasher Hassan, Amitava Datta

Cloud computing technology has been one of the most critical developments in provisioning both hardware and software infrastructure in recent years. Container technology is a new cloud technology that boosts the booting of applications, increases the ability to deploy applications on containers and improves the host machine resource sharing. Thus, enhancing a cloud container system needs a robust algorithm that deploys the applications efficiently. Most of the schedulers associated with container technology are focused on load balancing for increasing container performance. The traffic over networks plays a significant role in the performance of containers. Container deployment considering only load balancing may not be the best scheduling strategy due to the dependency between the applications that might be deployed in different pods (zones) in the container's cloud. This project aims to develop an algorithm that deploys applications into containers by considering the dependencies between applications as well as load balancing. The proposed algorithm performs better in terms of improving the throughput and reducing the network traffic as compared to state-of-the-art container scheduling algorithms.

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