Unpaired Single-Image Depth Synthesis with cycle-consistent Wasserstein GANs

Christoph Angermann, Adéla Moravová, Markus Haltmeier, Steinbjörn Jónsson, Christian Laubichler

Real-time estimation of actual environment depth is an essential module for various autonomous system tasks such as localization, obstacle detection and pose estimation. During the last decade of machine learning, extensive deployment of deep learning methods to computer vision tasks yielded successful approaches for realistic depth synthesis out of a simple RGB modality. While most of these models rest on paired depth data or availability of video sequences and stereo images, there is a lack of methods facing single-image depth synthesis in an unsupervised manner. Therefore, in this study, latest advancements in the field of generative neural networks are leveraged to fully unsupervised single-image depth synthesis. To be more exact, two cycle-consistent generators for RGB-to-depth and depth-to-RGB transfer are implemented and simultaneously optimized using the Wasserstein-1 distance. To ensure plausibility of the proposed method, we apply the models to a self acquised industrial data set as well as to the renown NYU Depth v2 data set, which allows comparison with existing approaches. The observed success in this study suggests high potential for unpaired single-image depth estimation in real world applications.

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