Parallel two-scale finite element implementation of a system with varying microstructures

Omar Richardson, Omar Lakkis, Adrian Muntean, Chandrasekhar Venkataraman

We propose a two-scale finite element method designed for heterogeneous microstructures. Our approach exploits domain diffeomorphisms between the microscopic structures to gain computational efficiency. By using a conveniently constructed pullback operator, we are able to model the different microscopic domains as macroscopically dependent deformations of a reference domain. This allows for a relatively simple finite element framework to approximate the underlying PDE system with a parallel computational structure. We apply this technique to a model problem where we focus on transport in plant tissues. We illustrate the accuracy of the implementation with convergence benchmarks and show satisfactory parallelization speed-ups. We further highlight the effect of the heterogeneous microscopic structure on the output of the two-scale systems. Our implementation (publicly available on GitHub) builds on the deal.II FEM library. Application of this technique allows for an increased capacity of microscopic detail in multiscale modeling, while keeping running costs manageable.

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