VSS: A Storage System for Video Analytics [Technical Report]

Brandon Haynes, Maureen Daum, Dong He, Amrita Mazumdar, Magdalena Balazinska, Alvin Cheung, Luis Ceze

We present a new video storage system (VSS) designed to decouple high-level video operations from the low-level details required to store and efficiently retrieve video data. VSS is designed to be the storage subsystem of a video data management system (VDBMS) and is responsible for: (1) transparently and automatically arranging the data on disk in an efficient, granular format; (2) caching frequently-retrieved regions in the most useful formats; and (3) eliminating redundancies found in videos captured from multiple cameras with overlapping fields of view. Our results suggest that VSS can improve VDBMS read performance by up to 54%, reduce storage costs by up to 45%, and enable developers to focus on application logic rather than video storage and retrieval.

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