No Keyword is an Island: In search of covert associations

Václav Cvrček, Masako Ueda Fidler

This paper describes how corpus-assisted discourse analysis based on keyword (KW) identification and interpretation can benefit from employing Market basket analysis (MBA) after KW extraction. MBA is a data mining technique used originally in marketing that can reveal consistent associations between items in a shopping cart, but also between keywords in a corpus of many texts. By identifying recurring associations between KWs we can compensate for the lack of wider context which is a major issue impeding the interpretation of isolated KWs (esp. when analyzing large data). To showcase the advantages of MBA in "re-contextualizing" keywords within the discourse, a pilot study on the topic of migration was conducted contrasting anti-system and center-right Czech internet media. was conducted. The results show that MBA is useful in identifying the dominant strategy of anti-system news portals: to weave in a confounding ideological undercurrent and connect the concept of migrants to a multitude of other topics (i.e., flooding the discourse).

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