Blockchain and BIM (Building Information Modeling): Progress in Academia and Industry

Michael Kuperberg, Matthias Geipel

In construction, BIM (Building Information Modeling) promises to increase quality of data and to provide a shared, uniform view to all parties. While BIM tools and exchange formats exist, the distribution and safeguarding of data is an ongoing challenge. Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchains offer a possible solution to this task, and they promise quality attributes such as tamper resistance, traceability/auditability and safe digitalization of assets and intellectual property. However, the practical application and adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology in the built environment requires a good understanding of tool maturity, performance and standardization. Also, user-oriented integration of BIM tools with the blockchain backend needs attention. The contribution of this paper is an overview over both industrial and academic progress at the intersection of BIM and blockchains/DLT.

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