Finding compositional inverses of permutations from the AGW criterion

Tailin Niu, Kangquan Li, Longjiang Qu, Qiang Wang

Permutation polynomials and their compositional inverses have wide applications in cryptography, coding theory, and combinatorial designs. Motivated by several previous results on finding compositional inverses of permutation polynomials of different forms, we propose a general method for finding these inverses of permutation polynomials constructed by the AGW criterion. As a result, we have reduced the problem of finding the compositional inverse of such a permutation polynomial over a finite field to that of finding the inverse of a bijection over a smaller set. We demonstrate our method by interpreting several recent known results, as well as by providing new explicit results on more classes of permutation polynomials in different types. In addition, we give new criteria for these permutation polynomials being involutions. Explicit constructions are also provided for all involutory criteria.

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