Visual Semantic Role Labeling for Video Understanding

Arka Sadhu, Tanmay Gupta, Mark Yatskar, Ram Nevatia, Aniruddha Kembhavi

We propose a new framework for understanding and representing related salient events in a video using visual semantic role labeling. We represent videos as a set of related events, wherein each event consists of a verb and multiple entities that fulfill various roles relevant to that event. To study the challenging task of semantic role labeling in videos or VidSRL, we introduce the VidSitu benchmark, a large-scale video understanding data source with $29K$ $10$-second movie clips richly annotated with a verb and semantic-roles every $2$ seconds. Entities are co-referenced across events within a movie clip and events are connected to each other via event-event relations. Clips in VidSitu are drawn from a large collection of movies (${\sim}3K$) and have been chosen to be both complex (${\sim}4.2$ unique verbs within a video) as well as diverse (${\sim}200$ verbs have more than $100$ annotations each). We provide a comprehensive analysis of the dataset in comparison to other publicly available video understanding benchmarks, several illustrative baselines and evaluate a range of standard video recognition models. Our code and dataset is available at

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