Enhancing Underwater Image via Adaptive Color and Contrast Enhancement, and Denoising

Xinjie Li, Guojia Hou, Kunqian Li

Images captured underwater are often characterized by low contrast, color distortion, and noise. To address these visual degradations, we propose a novel scheme by constructing an adaptive color and contrast enhancement, and denoising (ACCE-D) framework for underwater image enhancement. In the proposed framework, Gaussian filter and Bilateral filter are respectively employed to decompose the high-frequency and low-frequency components. Benefited from this separation, we utilize soft-thresholding operation to suppress the noise in the high-frequency component. Accordingly, the low-frequency component is enhanced by using an adaptive color and contrast enhancement (ACCE) strategy. The proposed ACCE is a new adaptive variational framework implemented in the HSI color space, in which we design a Gaussian weight function and a Heaviside function to adaptively adjust the role of data item and regularized item. Moreover, we derive a numerical solution for ACCE, and adopt a pyramid-based strategy to accelerate the solving procedure. Experimental results demonstrate that our strategy is effective in color correction, visibility improvement, and detail revealing. Comparison with state-of-the-art techniques also validate the superiority of propose method. Furthermore, we have verified the utility of our proposed ACCE-D for enhancing other types of degraded scenes, including foggy scene, sandstorm scene and low-light scene.

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