Multi-Access Coded Caching with Secure Delivery

K. K. Krishnan Namboodiri, B. Sundar Rajan

The multi-access variant of the coded caching problem in the presence of an external wiretapper is investigated . A multi-access coded caching scheme with $K$ users, $K$ caches and $N$ files, where each user has access to $L$ neighbouring caches in a cyclic wrap-around manner, is proposed, which is secure against the wiretappers. Each transmission in the conventional insecure scheme will be now encrypted by a random key. The proposed scheme uses a novel technique for the key placement in the caches. It is also shown that the proposed secure multi-access coded caching scheme is within a constant multiplicative factor from the information-theoretic optimal rate for $L\geq \frac{K}{2}$ and $N\geq 2K$.

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