k-Mixup Regularization for Deep Learning via Optimal Transport

Kristjan Greenewald, Anming Gu, Mikhail Yurochkin, Justin Solomon, Edward Chien

Mixup is a popular regularization technique for training deep neural networks that can improve generalization and increase adversarial robustness. It perturbs input training data in the direction of other randomly-chosen instances in the training set. To better leverage the structure of the data, we extend mixup to \emph{$k$-mixup} by perturbing $k$-batches of training points in the direction of other $k$-batches using displacement interpolation, interpolation under the Wasserstein metric. We demonstrate theoretically and in simulations that $k$-mixup preserves cluster and manifold structures, and we extend theory studying efficacy of standard mixup. Our empirical results show that training with $k$-mixup further improves generalization and robustness on benchmark datasets.

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