AMV : Algorithm Metadata Vocabulary

Biswanath Dutta, Jyotima Patel

Metadata vocabularies are used in various domains of study. It provides an in-depth description of the resources. In this work, we develop Algorithm Metadata Vocabulary (AMV), a vocabulary for capturing and storing the metadata about the algorithms (a procedure or a set of rules that is followed step-by-step to solve a problem, especially by a computer). The snag faced by the researchers in the current time is the failure of getting relevant results when searching for algorithms in any search engine. AMV is represented as a semantic model and produced OWL file, which can be directly used by anyone interested to create and publish algorithm metadata as a knowledge graph, or to provide metadata service through SPARQL endpoint. To design the vocabulary, we propose a well-defined methodology, which considers real issues faced by the algorithm users and the practitioners. The evaluation shows a promising result.

Knowledge Graph



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