Big-Five, MPTI, Eysenck or HEXACO: The Ideal Personality Model for Personality-aware Recommendation Systems

Sahraoui Dhelim, Liming Luke Chen, Nyothiri Aung, Wenyin Zhang, Huansheng Ning

Personality-aware recommendation systems have been proven to achieve high accuracy compared to conventional recommendation systems. In addition to that, personality-aware recommendation systems could help alleviate cold start and data sparsity problems. Most of the existing works use Big-Five personality model to represent the user's personality, this is due to the popularity of Big-Five model in the literature of psychology. However, from personality computing perspective, the choice of the most suitable personality model that satisfy the requirements of the recommendation application and the recommended content type still needs further investigation. In this paper, we study and compare four personality-aware recommendation systems based on different personality models, namely Big-Five, Eysenck and HEXACO from the personality traits theory, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MPTI) from the personality types theory. Following that, we propose a hybrid personality model for recommendation that takes advantage of the personality traits models, as well as the personality types models. Through extensive experiments on recommendation dataset, we prove the efficiency of the proposed model, especially in cold start settings.

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