A Stochastic Model for Block Segmentation of Images Based on the Quadtree and the Bayes Code for It

Yuta Nakahara, Toshiyasu Matsushima

In information theory, lossless compression of general data is based on an explicit assumption of a stochastic generative model on target data. However, in lossless image compression, the researchers have mainly focused on the coding procedure that outputs the coded sequence from the input image, and the assumption of the stochastic generative model is implicit. In these studies, there is a difficulty in confirming the information-theoretical optimality of the coding procedure to the stochastic generative model. Hence, in this paper, we propose a novel stochastic generative model of images by redefining the implicit stochastic generative model in a previous coding procedure. That is based on the quadtree so that our model effectively represents the variable block size segmentation of images. Then, we construct the Bayes code optimal for the proposed stochastic generative model. In general, the computational cost to calculate the posterior distribution required in the Bayes code increases exponentially for the image size. However, we introduce an efficient algorithm to calculate it in the polynomial order of the image size without loss of the optimality. Some experiments are performed to confirm the flexibility of the proposed stochastic model and the efficiency of the introduced algorithm.

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