Dual Attentive Sequential Learning for Cross-Domain Click-Through Rate Prediction

Pan Li, Zhichao Jiang, Maofei Que, Yao Hu, Alexander Tuzhilin

Cross domain recommender system constitutes a powerful method to tackle the cold-start and sparsity problem by aggregating and transferring user preferences across multiple category domains. Therefore, it has great potential to improve click-through-rate prediction performance in online commerce platforms having many domains of products. While several cross domain sequential recommendation models have been proposed to leverage information from a source domain to improve CTR predictions in a target domain, they did not take into account bidirectional latent relations of user preferences across source-target domain pairs. As such, they cannot provide enhanced cross-domain CTR predictions for both domains simultaneously. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to cross-domain sequential recommendations based on the dual learning mechanism that simultaneously transfers information between two related domains in an iterative manner until the learning process stabilizes. In particular, the proposed Dual Attentive Sequential Learning (DASL) model consists of two novel components Dual Embedding and Dual Attention, which jointly establish the two-stage learning process: we first construct dual latent embeddings that extract user preferences in both domains simultaneously, and subsequently provide cross-domain recommendations by matching the extracted latent embeddings with candidate items through dual-attention learning mechanism. We conduct extensive offline experiments on three real-world datasets to demonstrate the superiority of our proposed model, which significantly and consistently outperforms several state-of-the-art baselines across all experimental settings. We also conduct an online A/B test at a major video streaming platform Alibaba-Youku, where our proposed model significantly improves business performance over the latest production system in the company.

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