Unit Ball Model for Embedding Hierarchical Structures in the Complex Hyperbolic Space

Huiru Xiao, Caigao Jiang, Yangqiu Song, James Zhang, Junwu Xiong

Learning the representation of data with hierarchical structures in the hyperbolic space attracts increasing attention in recent years. Due to the constant negative curvature, the hyperbolic space resembles tree metrics and captures the tree-like properties naturally, which enables the hyperbolic embeddings to improve over traditional Euclidean models. However, many real-world hierarchically structured data such as taxonomies and multitree networks have varying local structures and they are not trees, thus they do not ubiquitously match the constant curvature property of the hyperbolic space. To address this limitation of hyperbolic embeddings, we explore the complex hyperbolic space, which has the variable negative curvature, for representation learning. Specifically, we propose to learn the embeddings of hierarchically structured data in the unit ball model of the complex hyperbolic space. The unit ball model based embeddings have a more powerful representation capacity to capture a variety of hierarchical structures. Through experiments on synthetic and real-world data, we show that our approach improves over the hyperbolic embedding models significantly.

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