DL-DDA -- Deep Learning based Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment with UX and Gameplay constraints

Dvir Ben Or, Michael Kolomenkin, Gil Shabat

Dynamic difficulty adjustment ($DDA$) is a process of automatically changing a game difficulty for the optimization of user experience. It is a vital part of almost any modern game. Most existing DDA approaches concentrate on the experience of a player without looking at the rest of the players. We propose a method that automatically optimizes user experience while taking into consideration other players and macro constraints imposed by the game. The method is based on deep neural network architecture that involves a count loss constraint that has zero gradients in most of its support. We suggest a method to optimize this loss function and provide theoretical analysis for its performance. Finally, we provide empirical results of an internal experiment that was done on $200,000$ players and was found to outperform the corresponding manual heuristics crafted by game design experts.

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